Frequently Asked Questions

Are the items really authentic?
Yes, of course. And you have an unlimited guarantee for each item you buy here. That means no risk for you.

Can you help me with the size of the shirt?
No problem. I can send you the measurements of the clothes you're interested in.

How much is shipping and how can I pay?
Shipping depends on the country of destination, weight, size, etc. I'll give you all details by email.
You can pay by credit card via Paypal (not all countries, please check on Paypal), bank transfer, money order, or cash in a registered letter.

Can I return something I don't like?
Yes, but please understand that if the item was alright, I only can refund its actual price, no shipping costs.

Can I have a discount?
The goods are offered as inexpensive as possible. However I can give a discount on bigger orders.

Do you buy items too?
Yes, I buy rare original items if they are in good condition and the price is alright.

Autographs received in person directly at the race track.

    Daily F1 magazine 
"There is no doubt the future for collecting Formula One memorabilia is on-line.

Almost gone are the days, for serious collectors anyway, where you must ring a long-distance number and request a catalogue, or travel many miles to see items close-up.
But I’m not talking about the merchandise side of Grand Prix collecting. Rather, the collecting of authentic Formula One items, ranging from race-used wings, rear-view mirrors, driver suits and gloves, helmets, etc. Not only is the authentic gear so much better, it is often cheaper in some cases. But that is another story.

1999 saw the opening of all sorts of new sites the world over, many by companies who run their own shops or studios. Thomas Brock, an exclusive partner of Daily F1, is a dealer in authentic items, with his clothing, car parts, and all sorts of other items. He not only has all items listed, but also prices, how to order, and an extensive range of photos [of goods]...

As an avid team-clothing collector, I was interested in the "authentic" clothing up on offer... For I, who has been collecting F1 clothing for many years, knew exactly what it was, meaning I didn’t have to see it up close, or had to try it on, because I asked the questions... Receiving the item recently, I was impressed... So easy and such a good result.

Get ready for the on-line memorabilia boom."

Contact: Thomas Brock, Laurastr.34, 88250 Weingarten, Germany, E-Mail